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Article Exchange

Do you need an article for your club newsletter?

We now have three articles available for publication. Some articles include photographs.

Please get in touch to request the full article which will be emailed to you as a Word document.


Title: ‘Hey mate, a fly just landed on your car’

Have you ever wondered what it takes to maintain the motoring exhibits in a collection? Philip Faithfull of The Abingdon Collection gives us a glimpse of the work undertaken to prepare the Collection before we can visit. [Reference NL001; March 2016]


Title: ‘Historic Vehicles – good for heritage and the economy’

The internal combustion powered vehicle has had a strong impact on the history of the 20th Century. FBHVC Directors Geoff Lancaster & Keith Gibbins argue that examples of these historic vehicles should be preserved for future generations and that doing this is good for the UK economy. [Reference NL002; March 2016]


Title: ‘A Breakdown of Car Breakdown’

It is said that very few classic cars enjoy even moderately good health and driving one is like nursing an invalid. Breakdown cover is a bit like having a doctor on call. Fred Flowerday of the MG Owners’ Club NI provides an overview of the differenct providors and policies available in Northern Ireland. [Reference NL003; May 2016]



[see the original proposal…]


It is proposed that ClubWorks sets up and manages an article exchange for club newsletters to enable articles to be shared with a wider audience.


  • Clubs may donate articles which have appeared previously in their own club newsletters.
  • ClubWorks will source articles from third parties (but will not accept advertorial).


  • Articles will be supplied under a Creative Commons licence (the original author retains copyright but it allows anyone to publish it without asking for permission each time).
  • Articles must not have been previously published online in any format (club website, blog post).
  • Articles may only be published in a club newsletter and not online in any format (club website, blog post).
  • Articles must not be altered or rewritten (but can be shortened as appropriate).
  • Articles published in the club newsletter must include the author’s details (name, club affiliation, website, copyright notice).


  • ClubWorks will maintain a list of available articles with a short description on the website.
  • Clubs can email to request a particular article which will be sent as a Word document by email.
  • ClubWorks will maintain a list of the newsletters where each article has been previously published. This will be updated each time an article is sent out (or confirmed as published) and listed within the Word document.

We’d be interested in hearing your opinion on this proposal – would you support it? would you use it? would you submit articles? what should be changed?

Let us know by email what you think – we won’t publish any of your comments – it’s just to get feedback.



We will go ahead with this idea. We’ve had a few informal ideas of how to proceed but it will take time to build up a bank of articles and to see what subjects are likely to be useful to clubs.