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King’s Lynn Capri Club 25th Anniversary

King’s Lynn Capri Club 25th Anniversary

King’s Lynn Capri Club (KLCC) recently celebrated their 25th anniversary as a club with their annual Show & Shine event on the 24th July 2016 in Heacham (read a show report here).

Charley Batchelor, Club Secretary and interim Chairman, outlines the club history, members’ cars and member benefits. The club has recently introduced a programme called KLCC Connect to open the club to other Ford models which has been very sucessful and has given the club a new lease of life.

Club History

The club was formed in 1991 when Mick Millward, from Gayton, sent a letter to the Capri Club International magazine to find other local owners. There were five Capri owners present at the first meeting that July. The five founder members were:

  • Mike Millward, Gayton – Green 2.8i X reg
  • John Germeney, King’s Lynn – White 2.8i C858 OVL
  • Tim Riches, Barton Bendish – 280
  • Martin Wells, Marham – White 2.8i D200 TNJ
  • Chaff Chilvers, Hunstanton – 280 Exxx JVV

The club has thrived since then and now provides a community of like-minded enthusiasts who have become good friends over the years.

Indeed, Martin Wells met his future wife Julie (sadly no longer with us) through the establishment of KLCC. Julie was running the Norfolk Branch of CCI before the two clubs amalgamated.

John Germeney is still involved with the club. Mike Millward, Tim Riches and Chaff Chilvers have since left and Martin Wells is now a retired member.

The club continues to hold its monthly meeting in the Crown Inn at Gayton, home of the very first meeting, and actively promotes interest the Ford Capri through attending local and national events.

KLCC Connect

The club recently extended its membership to include all Ford models under the KLCC Connect badge and are open to new member applications.

Since the introduction of KLCC Connect we now have 27 members on our books.

Members discussed the future of KLCC at our February 2016 meeting. We felt that our membership was stagnant with little prospect of improvement, mainly due to Capris disappearing at an alarming rate for one reason or another many being scrapped or priced out of many enthusiast’s price range.

I was a member of the local Cortina Club in the 1990s which had around 15 members. It folded around 2000 due to lack of members and there are only two left to my knowledge. I could see the same thing happening to the KLCC if we did nothing, and brought this fact to the attention of the membership.

We discussed various options for enticing new members, The one that was voted best was to open the doors to any Ford model of 25 years or older.

KLCC Connect has given the club a massive boost. We now have the following additional vehicles in the club:

  • Ford Anglia x 2
  • Mk.1 Cortina twin cam (not the Lotus version)
  • Mk.2 Zodiac
  • 1961 Zephyr
  • Consul Ute (Australian import)

One prospective member owns an immaculate Mk.5 Cortina 1600 Carousel. They used to be a member of the Cortina Club and are now thinking of joining us.

KLCC Club Cars

Two of the 2.8 injection Capris in the Club are Turbo Technics converted. Another is fitted with a 2.9 Cosworth and converted to LPG.

My own 3.0 Ghia has a Piper 285 camshaft, 5-speed gearbox, Quaife Limited Slip Diff and 2.8 suspension with Brookie wheels. I have also retro fitted power steering to my grandson’s Laser; the only Pinto 4-cylinder engined Capri in the club that has this feature.

Our Treasurer also has a Capri track car that he races as it is not roadworthy. This has a 2.0 Cosworth with variable turbo boost and the same Quaife diff that I have. It develops 340 BHP. I’ve ridden with him in it on the track at Snetterton which was quite exhilarating.

Member Benefits

Member benefits come in two stages:

  • Social members receive our monthly club newsletter, attend meetings and shows as visitors for which they receive credits.
  • Full membership is required to exhibit a vehicle on a Club stand and receive Public Liability Insurance Cover. Full members also receive credits as well as the monthly newsletter.

Technical Knowledge

Members have access to a wealth of technical knowledge within the club. Many members do their own servicing, maintenance and modifications – after all, Capris are easy cars to work on.

Such things as overhauling an engine or gearbox are within our capabilities. Together we have collective experience that covers everything you can do with a Capri.

For those members with ten thumbs we have the local Station Road Garage in Heacham. They are Ford orientated and the father and son owners have a wealth of knowledge about Classic Fords, including Capris. The father used to work for Ford in Dagenham.

Our members are located throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire so if you own a classic Ford, we would love to hear from you.


Charley Batchelor, Secretary, King’s Lynn Capri Club [September 2016]



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